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Because of Mihaela and her the all staff I was able to stay in USA with my family. I’m married with 2 kids. I was subject to deportation after being arrested for something I didn’t do. All charge were drop but had to fight deportation. She was with me thru the whole process. Was able to get my work permit then my green card thru the court. She was always when I needed her. She and her staff helped me a lot thru all this year. Overall Mihaela is a great lawyer Im Glad I have hired her and definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a lawyer.

-Former client, June 2016.


In 2012, a colleague from my former job referred me to Bromberg, Kohler Maya & Maschler, PLLC. I was looking for a professional law firm to guide me with the process of obtaining a green card through the EB1 (Extraordinary Ability) category for me and my family. Mihaela Petre, who is an Of Counsel with the firm, took the leadership on my case. Mihaela was very thorough, responsive and professional throughout the entire process. There was a moment when I wanted to hurry up the process and send the application package quickly. Mihaela explained to me that there were still a few elements missing which, if obtained, would have strengthened my case. So, we decided to wait a little before submitting and we worked together to further build my case and improve my chances of success. I was really glad to see that the application was approved and we could move on to the next step in the process – the green card application for me and my family. Mihaela accompanied us to the interview, which went very well. We are very grateful for Mihaela’s outstanding work, which allowed us to become residents of this beautiful country.

Thank you very much!!

-Former client, December 2012.


In 2014 after having a very terrible experience with multiple immigration lawyers, I was so desperate to find a truthful honest lawyer who can help me with my very complex case. I-751 denied with deportation proceedings. I was hopeless and depressed till a friend of mine recommended Mr. Bromberg and Mihaela Petre. Hope started to grow after consulting with them. They worked thoroughly, built my case strong. With their outstanding job, my Greencard was approved and deportation proceedings was dismissed. Helped me with my citizenship application and now on my way to OATH TAKING! I wouldn’t be here to where I’m at now without their help! Mihaela is very down to earth. She has a BIG HEART who listens and feels whatever a client is going through.  I highly recommend Ms. Petre!


“I just wanted to thank you for all your help in my naturalization process.  It is a nice ceremony to be sitting among people from all over the world… Iran, Ethiopia, Brazil, UK, Azerbaijan, Syria, India, Australia, PRC, Venezuela and many others.  Each with a different story to be told to their children and grandchildren!

As I have in the past, I will continue to recommend you all very highly to friends who are thinking of taking the same course as me.”

-Citizenship granted

“It has now been 5 months since my case was resolved favorably and I became a permanent resident of the United States.  I felt so relieved, happy, amazing (you name it and I felt it) when a letter came for me in the mail that started off by saying “Welcome to the United States of America.”  In fact, I actually received the same letter twice!  I have also been able to spend a couple months in my hometown on the other side of the world.  I had not seen my family in 15 years and my husband and son had never met my family in person.  Traveling overseas was such a breeze and I felt so proud to return to the U.S. knowing that “I belong.”

Your office did something for me that at least 2 other lawyers wouldn’t even try and another wasn’t able to complete (these weren’t your run of the mill lawyers either).  Over the course of 5 years and 5 interviews with 5 different USCIS officers, I fought to become a legal permanent resident and I believe it would not and could not have happened it weren’t for Liz and Alden.  I can never thank them enough or pay them back for what they did for me and my family.  I didn’t think the ordeal would ever end and with every passing moment and additional interview I lost hope.  I, however, never felt this from anyone in your office.  The team was always supportive and fighting for me!eived the same letter twice!  I have also been able to spend a couple months in my hometown on the other side of the world.  I had not seen my family in 15 years and my husband and son had never met my family in person.  Traveling overseas was such a breeze and I felt so proud to return to the U.S. knowing that “I belong.”

Words can never express how terrible it was to struggle through “being accepted” in the U.S. or the incredible relief I felt when my last interview ended with my son, husband, and Liz by my side and my struggle was finally over!

So, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  Your team will always hold a place in my heart for the unbearable weight they helped get off my chest when absolutely and I mean ABSOLUTELY no one else could!”

-Green card granted

“Highly Professional…Leadership at Bromberg is superb. My family and I were very fortunate to have dealt with the most gratifying professionals who deliver positive outcomes as a result of hard work of lawyer experts who are not only highly motivated, but very very sincere and caring group of lawyers.”

-Case approved despite errors of previous attorney

“Toni is a professional immigration lawyer in a true sense (not just by credentials like many others… attorney Toni Maschler is truly a phenomenal immigration lawyer any one would envy to have. My experience with her has been an unforgettable one. She was extremely professional, courteous, forthright, sincere and always accessible…She is very compassionate, caring and extremely generous and kind individual.  She is absolutely one of a kind – who has a right mind and attitude as a legal professional…she is helpful and goes the extra mile to solve her client’s problem.”

-Unnecessary delay successfully addressed

“I was a client of Elizabeth Kohler Maya when I processed my green card application. I was rather intimidated by the amount of paper work required and didn’t know whether or not I met the conditions to apply under the EB-1 category. Ms. Kohler Maya was very helpful and made the whole process as painless as possible and kept me fully informed at every step of the way. She was always available and answered emails even on weekends and at night. I would definitely recommend her because of her professionalism and knowledge.”

-Green card granted through EB-1

“Elizabeth Kohler Maya is an excellent lawyer who not only knows her profession, but also works hard to help her clients. She knows the law. She listens to you, and understands her clients’ ideas and feelings. She made me and my wife so comfortable to the point that we felt like we were talking to a family member rather than a lawyer. She really cares and helps. She helped us. Our case succeeded because of Elizabeth’s meticulous, professional work. Even if our case had not succeeded, I would not have any reservations about her being an excellent lawyer who works hard to help her clients.

Elizabeth and her assistant Julia Reeder form an excellent team. They are very well organized and thorough. They leave no room for erors. Our family is very grateful to have gotten such an unreserved and caring service.

I would definitely recommend Elizabeth to anybody with immigration issues. Liz, you are wonderful and we love you. Thank you.”

-Asylum granted

“Elizabeth Ann Kohler is the best lawyer I’ve ever had. She really helped me in my case. The case succeeded because she knows what she is doing. Thank you again for your help. I definitely recommend her.”

-Anonymous (via

“Toni Maschler was my lawyer. She did a great job for me through many complications in my situation. You can tell it’s not just a job for her. Toni has a heart to help. Some people just work for money, but Toni cares about people. I always thank God any time I think about her, because she is a good lawyer and a good person. I can’t express how much this law firm changed my life. It is hard for me to think of words, but I will recommend that anyone with an immigration program call to see if they can help.”

-Green card granted through VAWA

¨I requested and I was granted asylum on the basis of political persecution and sexual orientation. My case was prepared in detail by attorneys Mihaela Petre and Toni Maschler. I am very grateful to them for their dedication and willingness to answer all my questions. I respect Mihaela and Toni and I believe they are excellent lawyers, as well as human beings. The whole process was very difficult emotionally, but they were by my side to help me, and now my dream is real – I am safe and legal here in the U.S.”

-Asylum granted

“Words are not enough to say how much I appreciate all you did, from the bottom of my heart.”

-VAWA-based Green card granted

“Thank you all for your hard work on my case. I was blessed to be represented by such talented and kind people. When I contacted you, you actually took the time to speak with me and exchanged numerous emails before asking me to retain your office. That really meant a lot. It made me feel like I mattered.  Your office stands apart from all the other experiences I have had. It has made a lasting impression. For that I thank you.”

Citizenship granted despite legal complications

“Thank you so much for your help getting my Green Card!! May I use this opportunity to express my gratitude for your constant follow up on my case. You are the BEST as far as I am concerned!”

-Green Card granted through marriage

“Two thumbs up‎‎. I was a client of Mr. Richard Bromberg. I went to him in a very desperate situation. He is a wonderful person and an excellent lawyer. The staff who were involved with my case were so sharp and nice. They handled all the processes in a timely manner. I should also mention that Mr. Bromberg was very fair on his fees and he did not intimidate me with a huge bill like other lawyers I consulted before. I finally went to him. God bless him. I will always be thankful to him and his assistant Mr. Alden Leonard for their efforts.”

-Conditions removed from Green Card

“I want to say thank you. With your wonderful professional work and unreserved help, we have started to live a happy life free of fear, uncertainty and financial difficulty. The last two years were excruciating for us in every way – morally, emotionally, and financially. Fortunately, we found you, someone who is not only an outstanding and knowledgeable professional but who is also very understanding, caring, patient, friendly, and able to make emotional connections with clients.”

-Asylum granted (along with grants for wife and children)

“When I came to Mr. Bromberg’s law office, I was in a very difficult position and I knew I needed an experienced lawyer to help me. I spent a lot of time and money on consultations with several prominent attorneys, during which time a friend of mine strongly recommended Bromberg, Kohler Maya & Maschler, PLLC and told me to go see them.

My first meeting with Mr. Bromberg was different from those with other lawyers. He was very honest with me about my options, but he was also caring and hopeful. Although he explained that one path to a Green Card had ended, through our conversations about my background, he was able to find another potential way for me to stay in the United States.

One of Mr. Bromberg’s assistants, Alden Leonard was assigned to my case. Alden pursued my case with unbelievable persistence and precision. Together with Mr. Bromberg, he listened carefully to the facts of my case and assessed the most important points to emphasize and develop. Alden was very pro-active and kept the pressure on me in writing statements, bringing in documents, and so on, but he also kept my spirits up. Additionally, Alden made good connections with prominent experts who contributed helpful testimony to my case.

Their extensive knowledge of immigration procedures, experience in this field, and hard work allowed me to stay here. I will never forget when Alden called me and said “congratulations!” His voice resonates still in my mind.

Thank you again to the Law Offices of Richard S. Bromberg.”

-Recently granted status

“It was a wonderful moment when we found Mr. Bromberg after a six month search and having a one hour meeting with him, we found that Mr. Bromberg is the lawyer we had been looking for. His competency, honesty, the way he received us, the fair fee, and the nice behavior of his staff were the things we had not met elsewhere.

Our case was one of the complicated asylum cases and no one of the lawyers we had met before could formulate it, even though we had enough documentation. Mr. Bromberg and all his staff and Ms. Julia Reeder who prepared our case were very nice, helpful, and persons of great qualification and great personality.

The approval of our case was one of the great events in our life we were impatiently waiting for and it was a wonderful outcome. We are thankful very much to Mr. Bromberg, his staff and Ms. Julia Reeder for all they did for us and for the successful approval of our case.”

-Asylum granted (along with grants for husband and children)

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